West Kilbride

West Kilbride is a village on the North Ayrshire coast of Scotland, it also refers to the greater area incorporating the smaller villages of Seamill and Portencross.

This site was established to create a directory of all the institutions and business in the village and it's immediate area, to better promote the availability of local goods and services to the local community, visitors, and those with an interest online.

The was first created in 2015 as a proof of concept, and has since been updated in 2017 to simplify it's interface and with a plan to add more facilities over the coming months and years, providing a digital hub for the community with a focus on simplicity and accessibility to information and services for the whole community.

If you wish to contact one of the organisations listed here please use the details on their card.

If you wish to add a listing please use this form to help provide the correct details.

To contact the website maintainers you can email us@westklbride.org. If you wish to have a listing edited or remove please clearly state the organisation or place it relates to and the action you would like taken.

The West Kilbride website is provided as a civic service, by volunteers, and free of charge. No guarantee is provided about the accuracy of the information provided by the service, and no liability is accepted for any errors or omissions in the listings.

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This project was created by Dorian Fraser-Moore, a web designer and creative technologist who lives in Seamill, and has his business - The Useful Arts - based in West Kilbride. Dorian has a passion for using technology in innovative and interesting ways to help empower people to access information to improve their lives.